Most Common Pitfalls of Online Dating and How to Avoid Them

Online technologies made a significant impact on the way people get to know each other and date. Many changes turned to be positive: for instance, the circle of potential partners became much wider for every online dating website visitor. Additionally, modern sites and apps are able to filter profiles according to parameters given by users. Nowadays, online dating apps and websites like snapsext are reasons for nearly 20% of marriages.
However, the following article focuses not on pluses of online dating but on its potentially negative aspects. Dating site visitors face certain pitfalls regularly and here are the ways to get out of them.

Too Much Attention for Appearance

Websites and apps for dating where people are shown as profiles (a photo and a short biography) promote the overestimation of appearance. No, it is normal to “judge by the cover” first, but traditional dating (through friends, school groups or job contacts) allows seeing much more of a person than just their appearance. And then, you decide whether or not you want to meet them again based on the overall impression, not just their “beauty points”.
Quick and frequently superficial evaluations connected to online dating may make you miss someone who could potentially become a good partner. How to solve this trouble? Expand the diapason of “your type” to get more possible matches. The attraction may become more intense after you see the character and behavior of a person, as these influence the level of their physical attractiveness. It is better to let people show their personality before you scroll their profile up.

“Disposable” Relationship

Let’s suppose two people have a match in the app, they exchange messages and go out for a date. The context of their first online meeting “tunes” them up to continue exploring each other’s personality. But instead of concentrating on a potential partner’s positive features, people start looking for negativity intentionally.
One of the reasons for such a tendency to appear is the fact that online dating provides everyone with a wide choice of potential partners. The buyer’s logic starts working for them: if some candidate has too many disadvantages, it’s easy to choose another one.
How to avoid this pitfall? Try focusing on friendship first of all. Friendship is the key to a long-lasting romantic relationship.

Risk of Being Cheated

Deception and cheating can happen in any relationship, but the Internet makes risks higher, while some fraud shapes work exclusively for online dating. For instance, one may not tell the truth about their marital status or sexual orientation personally as well, but the lie about their gender and physical appearance is possible only for online dating.
How to avoid this kind of deception? It is worth paying attention to your intuition and certain alarm signals. For instance, a person that refuses video chatting and offers a personal meeting at once. Or they seem to be too kind. Or you just feel them to hide something.
Don’t waste your time for people unable to give you the respect and worthy attitude you deserve. If you want to find a relationship while a person is not ready to spend time and put effort to meet up with you, that’s not a person you are looking for.
Dating websites and apps open numerous possibilities for those who want to find “their” person. The point is, you should remember about safety and have a clever approach to the process. Yes, those resources may look like a store window sometimes, but other laws should apply when you meet and make friends with other people.

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